RF Berlin Talks: Forskere og deres vision for en ny enhed


Oktober 2023

RF Berlin Podcast


1. Director Christian Dustmann on our new research institute in Berlin


2. Deputy Director Alexandra Spitz-Oener on technology adoption and the changing nature of work


3. Deputy Director Tommaso Frattini on the Global Migration Information Hub


4. Project Leader Jérôme Adda on Globalisation and the Spread of Diseases


5. Project Leader Thomas Cornelissen on Knowledge Spillover and Individual Careers


6. Project Leader Sascha Becker on Understanding Regional Inequalities: Technology, Education and Policies for Levelling Up


7. Project Leader Guido Friebel on Boosting Business: the Impact of Worker Representatio.


8. Project Leader Albrecht Glitz on Globalisation, Welfare and Economic Espionage


9. Project Leader Jan Nimczik on Workplace connections, Migration, and Firm quality: Evidence from German Reunification